Sad Love Quotes For Facebook Cover

Being hurt by the loved one is the most painful of everything we had experienced. Things would go tough and we may not be ourself when we feel the pain of hurt, which is been given by our beloved ones. We might not know how to share the feeling and emotions after been hurt by the other. But, social networks today give us a chance to express our feelings with our beloved ones and pledge for a re-union. Facebook, the multi-billion usage network is what people throng to spend their time to get out of stress. Though departed, your loved ones will never stop reading your updates on Facebook. So, here are some sad love quotes for updating as your Facebook cover picture or as a timeline picture. With these collection you could just reach your beloved one and convey your heartfelt feelings and express how much pain it gives you on missing him/her. Make use of these sad love quotes for facebook cover to let the other know how important he or she is in your life.

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